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Hotseat Mode And Multiplayer?

With this blog i thought i would answer a few questions relating to multiplayer as well as go through some planned features relating to interacting with other players. First up why is there no network multiplayer? While i made the decision at the start of development to not implement networked multiplayer, hotseat multiplayer is a
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Calendar, Dates And Events

Using the calendar menu is completely optional but can help when planning attacks on your enemies. The number of turns a day or night can last will very, meaning if your planning an attack involving units that are stronger during the night and weaker during the day, your going to want to move into enemy
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Leader And Class Skills

Moving on to the development of leaders and heroes I want there to be a major difference between persistent heroes leading the faction as opposed to heroes available for hire within a scenario. That difference doesn’t necessarily have to be brute strength however heroes leading a faction will gain access to the 4 unique unconnected
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Idle Animations

I’ve been working on idle animations for units to display while standing still to make them seem more alive and interesting while not having anything to do at that moment, In the picture above you can see several temporary animations I’ve whipped up quickly to show off how units could look on or off the
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Formation Drawing

Formations on the battlefield can be drawn by simply selecting any unit and dragging that unit out to the desired position. Above you can see a horde of units that posses a trait forcing them to be placed together on the field. The size of each unit is taken into account when a formation is drawn to
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CPU Players

4 CPU players playing out their turns fighting amongst themselves. The player can adjust the speed at which the ai player moves both inside and outside the visible view of the player by going into the options menu. The battles between the CPU players are always auto resolved however i may add an option to
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Risen Kingdoms Preview Build

I’m currently working on  a preview build scenario for a game I’m developing named Risen Kingdoms, the core feature I would like to show off with this scenario is the dynamic storyline that will change depending on the actions taken by the player. For example you could complete a series of quests for a character
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Started blogging

Hello Everyone! I’ve decided to start a blog to talk about my thoughts and ideas on the games i am developing and game development in general. Feel free to follow this blog and share your thoughts and ideas!