Hotseat Mode And Multiplayer?

With this blog i thought i would answer a few questions relating to multiplayer as well as go through some planned features relating to interacting with other players.

First up why is there no network multiplayer?

While i made the decision at the start of development to not implement networked multiplayer, hotseat multiplayer is a fully functioning feature in Risen Kingdoms. The decision to not add networked multiplayer was made due to only having me as a coder on this project and the size of the project itself, the addition of networked multiplayer would require a completely different approach as to how Risen Kingdoms was designed and created.

What is hotseat mode?

Hotseat mode allows multiple players to play out their turns on one computer. After one player has finished their turn a handover screen is shown until the next player starts their turn.

Will there be other forms of playing with other people?

While i have no plans on adding networked play there are several other features floating around inside my development log that will allow you to influence your friend’s games. For example one feature involves being able to retire your hero, doing so will create a new hero file that will allow that hero to show up in scenarios as a hero for hire, a hero involved in parts of random quests or even as an enemy leader to play against. When retiring heroes, players will be able to customize them in various ways to make them more unique, such as the strategies they will employ, their personalities as well as a few other interesting options i will discuss in its own blog.


I believe i will be able to add many more features to Risen Kingdoms that would not exist if networked multiplayer was an addition to the game.  I hope people will enjoy the fantastic single player experience Risen Kingdoms offers alongside a fully featured hotseat mode. With the ability to retire heroes for other players to play against or alongside you will be able to share and experience other players style of play as well as expand the content of your own game.


Feel free to send me more questions and Thanks For Reading! 

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