Leader And Class Skills

Moving on to the development of leaders and heroes I want there to be a major difference between persistent heroes leading the faction as opposed to heroes available for hire within a scenario.

That difference doesn’t necessarily have to be brute strength however heroes leading a faction will gain access to the 4 unique unconnected skills on the left side of the skill tree. These skills often have game changing effects such as the ability in the picture above. These 4 skills are not connected to the class you have selected but instead by the hero type you have chosen.

At max level the Purge Population skill seen above would only require 3 population per skeleton allowing you to raise up several full armies from a village with high population. This means playing against a necromancer styled leader will require you to protect your towns or fear having several armies of the dead appear within your boarders.

What is a hero type though? This is essentially a base for your hero, that not only provides the starting stats but can also provide unit field actions, the general look of your hero and the 4 unique skills talked about above.

So now not only do you have the difference races and classes changing the gameplay up but now you also have the addition of hero types that bring powerful new abilities to the table.

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